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About us


Vau Torte treats are tasty.healthy.handmade.

Healthy treats are not a luxury - our prices are affordable, but we take great care in picking only the best suppliers and ingredients. Our products are hand made, every cookie we produce was carefully prepared to give your dog a special treat - tasty and healthy.

Vau Torte

We take great joy from having dogs as our family members. Because we love them so much, we wanted them to have a happy and healthy life. We've been preparing dog cakes and cookies for 15 years, but until recently we only did it for our own needs, much to the delight of our furry gang. Then we started sharing our treats with our friends and family and they encouraged us to start a business.

Many ordinary dog foods contain low quality ingredients and very often dogs develop allergic reactions to certain foods. Not something you're keen to see if you are into showing dogs or just want to be sure your best friend is not suffering from itchy skin conditions. We faced similar problems with some of our dogs and that made us rethink their diet. We started preparing food ourselves and this is how our Vau Torte journey started.

We make no compromises when it comes to health of our companions. Every ingredient is carefully sourced from reliable providers of organic food. Only the top quality, fresh vegetables, fruit and meat are used in production of Vau Torte treats. We do not use preservatives, dyes, sodium or sugar.

Every single cookie we make is hand made.

Our current catalog for international customers mainly consists of cookies, but for domestic (Croatian) market we also prepare various cakes and muffins. Both are extremely popular and have become mandatory at dog birthday parties. Our pack of dogs consists of 10 members, and they're the best judges when it comes to deciding if any of our recipes is striking the right chords of canine gourmands.

Our treats are also popular among dogs with sensitive digestion - there are no harmful ingredients - we even have a special line of grain free treats.

Vau Torte treats are regularly independently tested at the Public Health Institute "Dr Andrija Štampar" in Zagreb, Croatia.